Kiko Vega is favored to win in Baja California elections

Survey results are in

With just days away from election campaigns from being over, various news media sources have published the results of their surveys on public opinions, where they show Kiko Vega with an advantage over the other candidates on becoming the next governor of Baja California.

Nationally, UNO TV and Demotecnia revealed a difference of 8 points between Kiko Vega and Fernando Castro Trenti, candidate from the PRI party and of the "Commitment to Baja California" alliance.

VIDEO: UNO TV results

On the other hand, regional newspaper media such as "ZETA" and "Testa Marketing" have shown a close race that gives a slight advantage to Castro Trenti, which can even be considered as a draw.


SanDiegoRed also took on the task of conducting a small survey, where our readers participate anonymously.

To date, 66% said they would vote for Kiko Vega (PAN), and 16% said they will be voting for Fernando Castro Trenti (PRI). Only 1% said they would vote for Felipe Ruanova, who is the candidate for "Citizens Movement" alliance.

In these surveys, people stressed the fact that Fernando Castro Trenti's campaign was the most annoying of all. Through emails they expressed their complaints and in comment sections of the surveys that were taken. One incident that most people highlighted that happen this campaign season is when the "Commitment to Baja California" alleged some irregularities on Kiko Vega's campaign tactics. This for many, considered it as a dirty strategy to try to manipulate public opinion.

One of the questions in our survey was whether our readers knew the political history of the candidates. Although Kiko Vega had the advantage by a wide margin, readers said they knew the history of more than one, this after investigating each candidate to decide for which one will they be voting for.

SanDiegoRed's survey can be found here, and the final numbers will be presented next week.


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