Dogs save a 12-year-old from being raped

She was on her way to her aunt’s house

A 12-year-old in Argentina was saved from being raped, but the most interesting thing about this story is who the heroes were.

The attack happened around 9:30a.m. as the young girl walked past a vacant lot on the way to her aunt's house. All of a sudden, an unknown man covered her mouth and dragged her to an area on the lot, all for the purpose of sexually abusing her.

The girl screamed, cried, and kicked to try to get the attention of anyone for help. These cries attracted the attention of a pack of dogs, which then attacked the aggressor and let the girl free, who quickly ran for help.

The neighbors called the police and friends of the girl. The suspect fled the scene and is still being searched for by authorities.

This leaves no doubt that dogs are a man's best friend.


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