Over 30,000 showed up for Gay Pride march in Mexico

This march ended without any incidents

MEXICO- An estimated 30,000 people marched yesterday in the middle of Mexico City, in a festive atmosphere but with the intention that the Gay Pride Day "again becomes a citizen protest zone" said organizers of the event.

"We've made an alliance with other associations for the march, so that this again becomes a citizen protest zone. Without leaving the playful, without leaving behind the festive" but without forgetting the essence of "pride" and "fight" clarified Alonso Hernandez, one of the organizers.

A new feature in this march was the presence of "Muxe", people born as males that take on a role of a female, and are in relationships with other men and raise families in some regions of southern Mexico. They participated in this march by wearing their colorful traditional dresses.

At the march there were different types of music, costumes, balloons, rainbow flags and colorful banners and many people chanting for sexual freedom and against homophobia: "In my bed I'm the boss," some protesters shouted.

They also recalled the recent murder of Javier Gomez Bastida, with a large banner that said he was the first "transsexual public official" who specialized in the unit for the care of this group of the Office of the Federal District (PGJDF).

Hernandez recalled that the LGBTTTI group "does not have access to all rights" in Mexico, where "hate crimes" crimes are still committed, because of the failure to regulate marriage.

In Mexico, the only states that have legalized gay marriage is in the Federal District (Mexican capital), and in Quintana Roo.

Worldwide, fourteen countries have already legalized gay marriage and have recently had the ban overturned in California. This Director of General Archives and Various Memories praised this U.S. policy of President Barack Obama, and said he can see that "in the near future" in "many countries" same sex marriages will be accepted.

However he did mention also that in the Middle East and in Africa, these groups face the death penalty as a punishment. And in Russia, these groups are lacking the freedom of expression and are persecuted in other parts of the world.

This march ended without any incidents, where more than 1,700 policemen were assigned to safeguard the celebration.




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