Gay Rights activist receives death threats from Castro Trenti supporters

After organizing a march against their candidate

Ishalaa, who is a LGBT community activist in Tijuana, through a video, has publically denounced the death threats he has received after organizing a march against Fernando Castro Trenti.

VIDEO: Ishalaa’s message

During the fourth debate between the candidates for state governor about a week and a half ago, Fernando Castro Trenti said he disagreed with marriages between persons of the same sex.

VIDEO: Fernando Castro Trenti’s comments

Later, Castro Trenti was criticized for this in social networks, national media, political analysts and the general public. Ishalaa called for a march of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people to show their disapproval with the statements that were made by the candidate.

VIDEO: The invitation to the LGBT march

After organizing this march that is when the threats began according to Ishalaa. In the video message he mentioned that followers of Fernando Castro Tentri (PRI) had threatened him in person and by phone.

"It’s my fault for living in this country," he added, mentioning also that he did not believe in the justice system and therefore had not made the appropriate report. To Ishalaa, the PRI party was chosen for drug trafficking and organized crime and argued that despite what happened, he will continue to fight for his ideals, to ensure that all citizens could enjoy the same rights equally.


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