Laura Torres: A Woman looking to improve Rosarito

"I'm seeking to win because I have the ability"

What does she like best about Rosarito? Now that she has been campaigning, she said that she has seen another side of this town, and has seen things that many of us would probably imagine that it even existed.

"I fell in love with my city, the food is rich, and there is a range of unique beauty. I can see the hope in the eyes of children, adults and senior citizens".

One of the main topics in Rosarito is tourism. What roles does tourism and foreign residents play in the town's development? How much of an influence are they?

"They are now part of this town. There are about 14,000 of them who are originally from the United States and Canada, I have no exact figure of how many are from other countries, and they are part of Rosarito even though they cannot vote," Torres said.

Torres also added that Rosarito had a lot to offer. It is a region where you don't just come to spend a weekend.

Therefore, the people of Baja California and Southern California should give this young municipality a chance in getting to know it.

She also mentioned that these people (foreigners) have integrated themselves into the community. Many of them are volunteers in organizations such as the Boy and Girls Club. A

place where children can go and safely participate in extracurricular activities, so that their parents can continue to work without having to worry about them much.

What's next for Laura Torres? She will begin to work on a public forum that will be held on July 15 to 20, where issues like Social and Economic Development will be addressed that will encompass all types of productions, including fishing, something that has somewhat been forgotten. She will also be seeking the support to local fishermen and important people of Rosarito.

"I'm seeking to win because I have the ability" was the final message that Laura Torres gave us, and who aspiring to become the next Deputy of District 17. She is a woman who works for Rosarito, for women, children and families.


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