How much is an election vote worth in Mexico?

Food, money and other items are used by politicians to obtain a vote

It's election time in Mexico and all of the drama surrounding elections never fails to be present.

Murders, allegations of corruption and the purchase of votes by political parties are just a few things that surround this event that for those who are aspiring for Mayor or governor, it will all end on July 7th.

This year around 500 pesos (about $42 USD) is what is being offered to a lot of people in order for a political party to use their voter's identification card. Is it illegal? Definitely

Through forums and groups to promote activities such as buying and selling items, there have been messages offering user's money to "rent" their voter's identification cards, which will be returned to them after the elections.

In some cases, people are being paid to just be present in public rallies or events supporting candidates.

There are also many of those who offer to sell their vote and ask if anyone knows where they can go to do this. This practice is also common among community leaders, union representatives and others.

Again, although many of these types of activities are illegal and nowhere near being a "best kept secret", many people still chose not to file any official complaints to any institutions about it. Many times even Mexican government institutions are accused of being involved in these types of illegal activities.


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