"Ley Seca" will not be in effect this electoral weekend in Baja California

Learn about its history

Sunday July 7, will be Election Day in Baja California and when "Ley Seca" "(Prohibition) will not be in effect. Do you know what "Ley Seca" is?

Well, this measure was born in 1915 which restricted the sale of alcoholic beverages 24 hours before the elections and throughout the day of the elections. In 2007, "Ley Seca" was removed from the electoral process and was left up to each state to decide whether to implement it or not.

"Ley Seca" was created as measure to maintain order during the elections, but now it is considered that this has not effect on the electoral processes that continue on without any problems.

Another crucial factor of the implementation of this law or not, is that several states in Mexico, including Baja California, tourism is one of its main economic activities to generate income. So the sale of alcoholic beverages is important, otherwise there would be losses of up to 85 million pesos for corrupt practices by authorities and the "black market"", which is something that has happened in the past.

Today the concept of "Ley Seca" has acquired new meanings. Such is the case of the "Ley Seca Brewing Co.", an organization that was founded in 2012.

Why use this name? The team responded, "We adopted the name as a metaphor because in those days (Prohibition), if you wanted good and different kind of beer that was made in Tijuana, it had to be homemade (and illegal). Just like in the days of prohibition." For now, the team only manufactures five kinds of beer:

• Masacre: Chocolate Porter with Cocoa Beans

• Serpiente: IPA

• Gringo: American Pale Ale

• Red Viper: Red IPA

• Ley Seca Imperial Stout

To learn more about "Ley Seca Brewing Co." we recommend you to attend the Baja Beer Fest on July 19 and 20 in Down Town Tijuana on Avenida Revolucion, or at the TJ BeerFest that will be held at the Tijuana Cultural Center (CECUT) on August 2nd and 3rd. One other option is to contact them through their website at LeySecaBrew.com




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