Rocker Priest is suspended from Church duties

He is not your typical Mexican priest

His name is Adolfo Huerta Aleman, and he is not your typical Mexican priest. Father "Gofo", as he was nicknamed by his parishioners, enjoys rock music, consuming alcohol, smoking in public and maintaining an active sex life.

The "unusual" behavior from this priest has caused quite some controversy within the community.

It all started during mass, when father "Gofo" talked to the parishioners about some of his life experience stories. Well, the congregation did not like it very much and asked Raul Vera, bishop of Saltillo, to submit a report on the status of priest Adolfo Huerta Aleman to the Vatican, and according to the Diocese of Saltillo, this was sent.

Father Gofo has repeatedly shown great social activism by joining protests of his community such as a march in Coahuila in protest for injustice, LGBT marches and even with the #YoSoy132 movement.

For now, father Gofo is temporarily suspended.


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