Theft and burning of votes and booths on Election Day in Baja California

Two woman have been arrested

BAJA CALIFORNIA. - At 6p.m. (PST) the voting polls in all of Baja California closed, but there were some reports of theft of ballot boxes in the Florido neighborhood in Tijuana, while in Mexicali a group set fire to the ballot boxes at a voting poll in an elementary school.

The national president of the PAN and PRI party’s declared their candidate as the winner of the race for governor, but the fact is that the votes are still being counted.

VIDEO: Voting booth on fire in Mexicali

In the video above, you can notice some officials desperately trying to save come ballot boxes. You can also see how a group of thugs enter the location violently and and set fire to the boxes and flee the scene. This happen at the elementary school located at Avenida Presidente Diaz Ordaz, in Mexicali, Baja California.

In Tijuana, specifically at the Mariano Matamoros voting location #1337, a ballot box was stolen. According to police the two women, Sandra De la Torre and Guadalupe Islas, parked in front of the voting booth location and took off running with the ballot box. They both were arrested and are being detained at the La Presa detention center in Tijuana.


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