Electoral votes for governor of Baja California will be recounted

The race may not be over just yet

Due to an error that was reported this morning, the preliminary results of the elections in Baja California, where the majority of the votes indicated a victory for Kiko Vega as the governor-elect, will now be recounted.

Although the error affected less than 1% of the count and does not change of what was thought to have been the outcome, the electoral council still decided to invalidate the figures and voted on a recount of votes that will be done from Wednesday to Sunday, in order to get the official figures.

Fernando Castro Trenti, candidate from the "Commitment to Baja California" alliance, has indicated that they should count each and every single vote.

Yesterday afternoon after the polls closed at 6pm, the exit poll surveys that were conducted by Castro Trenti’s team gave him the win, something similar that happened with Kiko Vega and the alliance "United for Baja California." For Castro Trenti, the picture completely changed after the Preliminary Electoral Results Program (PREP) released some figures that it update throughout the night, which put an end to the party that was prepared for the candidate from the PRI party with mariachis, who had already started playing and all of a sudden stopped and became silent on national television.

Today, Cesar Camacho, who is the National President of the PRI party, said they could not say that the party won in Baja California, but neither that they had lost. They will just wait for the results of the new count.

The President of Mexico, Enrique Peña Nieto, called upon all of the citizens of Mexico that participated in the elections which were held in various states, and asked them to respect the election results and said, "All of the of the candidates and political parties must abide by the decision that every citizen expressed at the polls. In a democracy there are winners and those who are not favored by the majority. Therefore, all of Mexico is expecting for all of the contenders and their supporters to be civil and recognize the results. "

Jesus Zambrano and Gustavo Madero, National President of the PRD and PAN party respectively, insisted that there is no doubt on the triumph of Kiko Vega, and that the difference between votes are in his favor compared to Fernando Castro Trenti’s.

Gustavo Madero said: "With the records, the results are very firm and consistent and will not be possible to reverse". During an interview with Grupo Milenio, he also added that "We are not concerned about the outcome of an election that was strong, consistent and eloquent, but the PRI party has the right to kick and scream, just like any drowning man who is trying get in the last couple of strokes to see if he can save himself."

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