Female prisoners get their tubes tied without their consent

A violation of prison laws

SAN DIEGO. - According to a report by the Center for Investigative Journalism, about 150 women were sterilized without their consent while serving sentences in prisons in California between 2006 and 2010.

The report noted that in that period of time (2006-2010), at least 150 female prisoners had their tubes tied, which is a violation of prison laws. Furthermore, it is believed that a hundred other women may have been subjected to the same procedure during the 90s.

According to testimonies of prisoners and advocates for the rights of detainees, medical personnel had forced these women to undergo the procedure.

One of the cases related to this matter is the one of Christina Cordero, 34, who, as recorded in the report, while serving a one year sentence for stealing a car, the doctor found out she had five children and was going to give birth to another one in October 2006, he then constantly pressured her to get her tubes tied.

"He made me feel like a bad mother if I did not," said Cordero, who also now regrets doing it.

These cases of forced sterilization of prisoners, officially banned in 1979, are similar to those that occurred in a much more common way in California half a century ago, which according to the report, focused more on the mentally ill and the poor.

In California state and federal law prohibits the sterilization of criminals using federal funds with the aim to pressure inmates to accept and undergo the procedure. However, it is allowed if medically necessary, which in that case, the state capital would review each case.

Last March, The advocacy organization for prisoners "Justice Now" prisoner said before the state legislature that this sterilization program began in 2006, after the Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation Gender Responsive Strategies proposed the sterilization of women in prison immediately after giving birth.

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