Mexican President shows no love for PRI candidate Fernando Castro Trenti

"Settle down"

It has now been only two days after the elections that were held in various parts of Mexico, and Baja California has attracted attention of a lot of people after Fernando Castro Trenti did not accept the election results, arguing that the numbers from the Preliminary Electoral Results Program (PREP) had favored Kiko Vega and demanded a recount of every vote.

Yesterday, the President of Mexico, Enrique Peña Nieto, called on all the parties to accept the election results as it was the will of the people:

"In a democracy there are winners and those who are not favored by the majority. Therefore, all of Mexico is expecting for all of the contenders and their supporters to be civil and recognize the results," said Peña Nieto.

The excitement continues with daily statements of Castro Trenti, Cesar Castro Bojorquez, President of the Electoral Institute of Baja California, and other elite members of the PRI party. But the distance that President Enrique Peña Nieto has put between himself and these characters is very noticeable.

Since the election campaigns began, there were many rumors that Peña Nieto did not support the candidacy of Fernando Castro Trenti. In fact, there were no comments or public appearances of both, even when the meeting of the national PRI party was held in Baja California, which the President of Mexico did not attend.

Journalists like Carlos Loret de Mola said the priority for the Presidency was to maintain the "Pact for Mexico" (agreement between Mexican political parties to avoid partisan attacks). In a speech delivered yesterday, Peña Nieto also referred to the issue: "I reiterate the government's unchanged willingness to continue the dialogue and agreements with the political forces in order to accomplish the reforms that allow us to consolidate our democracy, so that we can accelerate the development and progress of Mexico".

Political analysts like Lorenzo Meyer and Sergio Aguayo had also expressed their thoughts on the situation, and again highlighted the lack of support for Castro Trenti by Peña Nieto.

This Wednesday the recount of votes will begin in Baja California, where the official numbers will be given on Sunday. As for the remainder of this week, there could be a call coming from all the way from the Mexican presidents home Los Pinos, with a message for Fernando Castro Trenti to "settle down".



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