11-year-old genius from Mexico finishes high school

Next stop, Harvard

Luis Roberto Ramirez Alvarez has been the topic of conversation for some time now, not only for being a genius, but supposedly because he was going to attend Harvard University in the United States. A fact that was denied soon after by Harvard, and then by Luis Roberto’s statements that it was only an aspiration and dream for him to be able to attend this prestigious university.

For now, Luis Roberto just concluded his high school education with a GPA average of 3.9, not to mention that he also finished it in a record time of two and half months.

On Monday he received his certificate, and with this, he will now take another step towards his dream of attending Harvard University to study quantum physics, and begin his quest for the scientific development of Mexico.

The child of only 11 years of age, whose IQ has been compared with that of Albert Einstein, said upon receiving his certificate that schools in Mexico need to create departments, where they can detect children with special abilities, in order to prevent them from becoming victims of any rejection or aggression since he had suffered at the hands of classmates and teachers who did not understand his intellectual capacity.




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