Residents of Tijuana demand cleanup of electoral propaganda

All kinds of publicity now "decorate" the city

"With me, the people are the ones who are in charge" and "Tijuana will be cured" were the slogans of the candidates who claim to be the "winners" of the recent election in Baja California that took place on July 7.

Now the people from the city of Tijuana are demanding for their prospective leaders, of this state and border town, to show their education and respect, and clean up all of the political propaganda that they have left all throughout the city.

Millions of pesos invested, thousands of flyers printed, painted fences and all kinds of publicity now "decorate" the city that they so much wish well for.

Currently, there are many people in social networks that are requesting for the winners to take action on the matter, and have their supporters and staff collect these "little papers".


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