Corruption, Bribes and Obesity: Mexico vs. U.S.A

The United States is still in the lead in…

After a report released by the World Health Organization (WHO), Mexico has attracted the international spotlight for reasons that are not very pleasant. This week, "WHO", revealed their report on countries with the highest rates on obesity, bribery and corruption.

According to information provided by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), Mexico surpassed the United States in morbid obesity rates, where the report estimated that 32.8% of Mexican were obese, and that at least 3% had now reached "level 3", known as "Morbid obesity".

After analyzing this data, it was discovered that the figures used by "FAO" and "WHO", was data from five years ago.

Recent studies concluded that the United States was still in the lead as the most obese country, but Mexico was not far behind, making it imperative for its citizens and governments to work together to find new strategies to fight against this disease.

On the other hand, the consulting firm "EY" said that Mexico is the country with the highest rate of corruption and bribery between companies and government when making business deals that lead to losses of up to 5 percent in sales. Pharmaceutical, energy and construction sectors are often the ones who are most affected by these practices.

Recent cases of corruption that have occurred in Mexico are the ones like Walmart Mexico, Sempra Energy, and the arrest warrant against Manuel Bribiesca, stepson of former President of Mexico, Vicente Fox.

According to Transparency International, it is estimated that 33% of Mexicans have incurred in acts of bribery. This rate is equivalent to that of countries like the Republic of the Congo, Egypt, Pakistan, Bolivia and Indonesia. In the case of the United States on this matter, according to "TI", only 7% of U.S. citizens had participated in acts of corruption.

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