Attempted bribery in the Gold Cup

Someone wanted to bribe two Belize players who reported it to the CONCACAF.

UNITED STATES - The United States Men's national Team (USMNT) won their first game of the Gold Cup by a landslide with a score of 6-1. But there have been reports that someone tried to bribe the Belize players into throwing the game.

Woodroow West and Ian Gaynair were contacted two days prior to the match in an attempt to bribe them. The same players went to the CONCACAF officials and reported the attempt, and now the federation officials are conducting their official investigation.

CONCACAF began an investigation along with FIFA into the matter; both agencies will be helped by INTERPOL.

CONCACAF released the following statement:

"CONCACAF was made aware of an attempted bribery in which two Belize players were victims. Woodroow West and Ian Gaynair were contacted two days prior to the Belize vs United States match in Portland, Oregon.

It was the players themselves who contacted the CONCACAF officials immediately following the attempt.

CONCACAF started an investigation along with FIFA as soon as the player's report was made.

We want to thank Woodroow West and Ian Gaynair for their bravery and recognized their efforts to maintain the integrity of our game.

The fight against match-fixing is a priority for CONCACAF. Along with FIFA and the help of other agencies such as INTERPOL we have taken every step necessary to ensure the integrity of every game of the 2013 Gold Cup.

In the previous months CONCACAF, FIFA, and INTERPOL have had seminars with all of the participating teams to educate them and prevent the fixing of matches.

Since this is still an ongoing investigation no more details can be given at this time."

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