Baja California

Nocturna: The "Bruski"of the week

This beer can be found in different bars throughout the city

We have now begun a new segment here at SanDiegoRed, with the purpose of presenting to our readers a new beer every Friday, and also introduce to you with something new, so that you can delight your taste buds every weekend. Ok fine, I must admit that I'm also doing this to justify of why I now live in bars and trying out new things.

This week we would like to introduce to you "Nocturna" (Nocturnal). This beer is made by the Insurgente Brewery that is located here in Tijuana.

Nocturna, just as its name suggests, it's a dark beer like an American Black Ale that has a 6.5% alcohol level. It has a sweet smell of caramel, roasted coffee, hops and chocolate. When drinking this beer, the flavor coats your mouth leaving it with a bitter taste of chocolate and coffee with a slight taste of hops that they use. In the end, the malt flavor has a good enough kick in it, but not enough to overshadow the other flavors that leave you with that chocolate flavor on each drink. It's well balanced and creamy.

This beer can be found in different bars throughout the city of Tijuana, but just to make sure that you will be able to find it, you can ask for it at BCB Tasting Room or La Tasquita.

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