Hackers take over the PAN party's website

They said that they will be watching the new governor closely

Around 6 pm yesterday, the website of the National Action Party (PAN) in Baja California was hacked by those who are presumed to be members of the cyber activist group "Anonymous Mexico".

In a message that appeared on the screen, it indicated that they (Anonymous) had let the newly elected governor of Baja California, Francisco Vega de Lamadrid, win and that they will be watching him closely.

This incident occurred a few hours after Kiko Vega received the official documents from the Electoral Institute for Citizen Participation of Baja California (IEPCBC), which declared him as the winner of the governor race for the state.

"We will be watching closely to make sure that you will fulfill all the promises you made to the people of Tijuana. We remind you that Education, Jobs and Safety is what you should take care of, and not betray the people of Tijuana because they are not alone," said the message that was left by the hackers.

The PAN party communications team in the state, said that they will file a complaint with the corresponding authorities in the government, so that they can conduct an investigation.

Shortly after, the website returned to normal after the attack.




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