Crime rate in Tijuana decreases 25%

A "positive change" in the media

TIJUANA. –Because of the coordination with other corporations and the appointment of selected officials, along with the participation of citizens, these have all been the foundation for police effectiveness that is reflected in a 25 percent reduction in the number of crimes recorded in the city, during the administration of Mayor Carlos Bustamante Anchondo.

Jesus Alberto Capella Ibarra, who is the head of Public Safety and Security administration in Tijuana, said the above during a joint press conference, where he revealed the results obtained by this institution between December 2010 and May 2013.

Capella emphasized on the coordination with the Attorney General of the State, the State Police and Federal Police, through meetings that were held every two weeks to follow up on issues such as violent murders and robbery in all its forms, as well as the monthly assessment of those who were in charge of such institutions.

With continuous instructions by the Mayor of Tijuana, the whole Directorate for Crime Prevention and Citizen Participation was reconstructed with an investment of 55 million pesos in the first two years of his administration.

Among the most notable results, there was an increase, from 200-1000, of the number of children who were made part of the Youth Police, along with a breathalyzer program that was introduced, which has prevented the deaths of at least 75 people due to drunk driving, and also the implementation of a community policing program, where ten new booths were placed in communities that had a lot of conflicts.

The effectiveness of police work from December 2010 to May 2013 resulted in a reduction of 40,160 offenses (25 per cent), compared with the same period the previous three years.

The decrease in robberies in all its forms are as follows: 43 per cent less robberies with violence, 60 percent less robberies of businesses, 79 percent less robberies in banks, and 24 percent less robberies in public.

During this press conference, the officials also emphasized that there was a reduction in crimes of high impact like a 62 percent reduction in kidnappings and 40 percent less cases of voluntary manslaughter.

Finally, Capella acknowledged the "positive change" in the media, where now on news broadcasts; they are promoting public safety a lot more often, rather than just criticizing it.


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