Jorge Almiron: "The team did a great job"

He praised Benedetto and Arce's performance

TIJUANA - Jorge Francisco Almiron made his first division debut as a manager with a good game, but his inexperience was shown during the unfolding of the match and his team's lead was cut.

"I liked that the team was offensive, I liked Benedetto's debut; the team had a great game. I probably took too long to make the changes to make us stronger in midfield and we end up with a draw in a game he had full control of" said the new Xolos manager.

Almiron explained the reasons why he kept Fidel Martinez on the bench. He was looking for two center strikers in anticipation of Atlas' defensive formation.

"They play with a line of four defenders, and I wanted two center strikers to go up against their two central defenders. We did not expect the game to unfold the way that it did. We were unsure if Arce and Benedetto would be able to play the whole game since they did not play a lot during preseason" explained Almiron.

He defended his stance on keeping the attacking formation in spite of the lead and not locking down in the back during the final minutes. He did accept fault in not making the changes quick enough, but justified it by saying he was unsure of Arce and Benedetoo's condition.

"We analyze with the result in hand, if Vuoso's goal doesn't go in we'd be talking about something else right now. Fernando was left on the field because he is a intelligent player, he knows how to conserve energy. I opted to not throw the team back, unfortunately we did not get the result we wanted, there are things we have to work out. After the game it's easy to say 'I would have' or 'I could have'; I was thinking of making changes, but the team was playing well so I maintained them" concluded Jorge Almiron.

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