14-month-old infant’s murder causes outrage

The town is threating to rise up in arms

VERACRUZ - A child of only one year and two months old was hacked to death while he slept quietly beside his mother.

This incident occurred in the community of Medellin de Bravo, Veracruz, Mexico, and outrage of the people from this town was such that they have threatened to rise up in arms, which many are also asking of how could this sort of thing happen, where a child and his mother while sleeping are attacked and robbed of their few belongings.

Jeshua Alexander Fierro Camara was struck in the head with a machete, and was found in a pool of blood next to his mother Karen Areli Juarez Camara, who also was struck with the machete.

Both were found by the grandfather of the baby's mother, who rushed them to the hospital, but due to the severe injuries that Jeshua suffered, he was declared dead while his mother had to be submitted to an urgent operation.

"My daughter was lying face up with two machete strikes in the head, and one in the ear. My grandson of one year and two months was struck in front of the head, and was lying upside down in a pool of blood on the bed", mention the grandfather.

Despite medical recommendations, the mother left the hospital to attend the Mass and burial of her son, where she was accompanied by family, friends and many people who were demonstrating their support and solidarity with the family, while demanding answers and justice.




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