Lead found in Mexican "salsas"

These products are sold in the U.S.

In a study that was conducted by Cornell University, it found that some Mexican salsas, which are sold in the United States, exceed lead levels that are allowed by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

After analyzing 25 bottles of different kinds of salsas like the Chile Habanero Hot Sauce, El Pato Hot Sauce, Classic Buffalo Sauce and Salsa Habanera, they found an amount that they considered to be harmful and that could even be prohibited in some states.

Shawn Gerstenberger, the lead investigator of the study, mentioned that the results of the report point to the improved inspections of products that are imported from Mexico.

"By not implementing standards for hot sauces and condiments, manufacturers will have no interest in improving the quality controls in order to reduce the amount of lead and other toxic elements before exporting these products" Gerstenberger added in a statement.

These sauces are mostly consumed by the Latino community, who by not having the necessary ingredients to prepare this food, end up purchasing these products.

For Cornell University in Las Vegas, this is the first study on the subject, which the results were published last week and had already appeared in the "Journal of Environmental Science and Health".




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