NASA speaks about the messages from God found in space

It was supposedly written in 12 languages

A couple of weeks ago it was rumored that the Mars Rover had found a message from God on Mars. It was through its Twitter account, which NASA has now denied as being a true story in the Curiosity Rover’s profile.

The rumor was published in an article by The Daily Currant, which is a website that turns real events into some sort of satire humor with a twist. According to the newspaper, two giant stone slabs were found inside a cave in a mountain on Mars, which behind one of the tables there was a copy of the Ten Commandments and the text of John 3:16 written in 12 languages - including English, Spanish, Chinese, and Hebrew. In the other tablet there is a message written in English that simply said: "I'm real."

Soon after, the article appeared on various internet websites in multiple languages.

As one of the sources it mentioned Syms Covington, who according to The Daily Currant was an Australian researcher who was working in the Mars Exploration Program with NASA. But the truth is that Syms Covington was actually Charles Darwin's assistant who died in 1861.


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