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Baja Beer Fest 2013: Part 2

One weekend to celebrate beer!

Again today we return to tell you about the Baja Beer Fest 2013, where yesterday we told you about the first part of what we were able to taste and see during the event.

The "Rámuri"brewery, one of my favorites, managed to grab attention with their strong quality of beers. Definitely one of the best in this event, where anyone could try a "Lagrimas Negras", "broken board" or a "diablo blanco", all which you will be wonderfully surprised of.

The participation of breweries from Ensenada was very strong this year, with many of their new and original proposals. One was "Ancestro" (Ancestor) who presented one of the best Pale Ales throughout the whole festival.

The "Canneria"brewery also gave much to talk about in this festival. Not only did they serve beer to their guests, but they also gave a short crash course on how to sample or taste craft beer, great job by Mr. Talamante and his team. And you should definitively try their Indian brown ale "La Bombera" or the "Uh La La", a very thin saison but very refreshing. Last but not least you should try "The John with apple", an amber ale which is one of the most originals that I have ever tried.

The "Sótano Suizo" was making quite a bit of noise on both days with their home brews "Golden", the "Porter" and the "Sour". These beers were so successful that their stand was practically full the whole time, excellent work by brew master Demian Bosiger.

If there was anyone who made us feel like if we were at home, it was the boys from the "Hellixir"brewery from Playas de Tijuana. I talked to them as if we had been long time friends, and tried out some of their brew. Their strongest beer was the "Hazelnut Brown Ale," a beer that was not short of anything. I also tried a new beer that did not have a name yet that was made with fruit punch, it was very delicious. I'm sure they will launch this one onto the market.

As far as the musical entertainment of the festival, rapping to some beats was "Danger" from the "Alto Kalibre Crew", who interpreted the song "Rebeldes con Causa" (Rebels with a cause) and got the crowd going at the Baja Beer Fest. But, the ones who pretty much stole the "spotlight" and got everyone to dance were the boys from "Takon Machine", being the best part of this whole party.

Another big surprise at the Baja Beer Fest was the "Silennus" brewery, whose beer I had the opportunity to try at the "El Tigre Bar", however, I had not had the pleasure of tasting their Black Rye IPA and their Oatmeal Stout. They are definitely are more than ready to compete at the international level.

There were more breweries that were present in the Baja Beer Fest 2013, therefore, we will continue to recommend to you the best of what we were able to taste and learn about.

VIDEO: Baja Beer Fest 2013



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