Marc Anthony calls on all Latinos to fight against racism

The Puerto Rican singer said he was not surprised by the criticism

In an interview with the Huffington Post, Marc Anthony again addressed the criticism he received for his interpretation of "God Bless America" in the MLB All-Star Baseball Game.

The Puerto Rican singer said he was not surprised by the criticism, and that Latinos should do something about it and fight against racism and discrimination.

"As far as people being in uproar, they do not owe us anything. The industry does not owe us anything; networks do not owe us anything. You have a complaint? Educate yourself, take up writing, become a producer, direct it. You know what I'm saying? Get up and do it - write good material produce good films. I'm not of the mind that we're owed (anything) because 'oh every Latino on TV is either criminal ... then get up and do better", said the salsa singer to the HuffPost Live.

VIDEO: Vivir Mi Vida

Currently, Marc Anthony is promoting his new album "Marc Anthony 3.0", where after 10 years, he has now returned to salsa music.


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