The Immigrant Hotel : help for the deported from the U.S.

More than 200 deported immigrants sleep here every night

"Since that day on in the hotel, we try to do what the government should do but doesn't. These people used to send money to Mexico from their hard work, they are patriotic heroes".

Ok, the Hotel is not a five star hotel, but it offers a place to sleep, and three meals a day. The immigrants can take baths and make telephone calls at no cost.

Eduardo Perez is originally from Aguascalientes. He crossed the border without legal documentation in the year of 1998. He was deported three years ago via Reynoso, Tamaulipas. He remembers that as soon as he touched Mexican soil a man identified himself to him as a ZETA member. He was abducted.

"They told me my family had to come up with six thousand dollars. They took me in a suburban. I was abducted for three days and later left on a mountain". When he was liberated, the first thing he did was buy a bus ticket to Mexicali. He now stays in the immigrant Hotel.

"You can´t understand, I am safe here in the hotel, I take baths, I have a bed and covers". HE says he will go back to the U.S., but will wait for the extreme heat to pass, and for now he will heal his wounds in the immigrant Hotel.

Self- Sustainable Hotel

The survival of this immigrant hotel has not been easy. The monthly rent amount to more or less 2,500dlls. The electric bill 1,2oodlls. And the food costs around 8,500dlls. These are plenty of costs, and that is why this civil organization is becoming self-sufficient.

Mr. Sergio along with the immigrants are about to open two hot dog stands, an internet café, a barbershop, and a telephone booth inside the hotel. This will employ the immigrants and help them return home.

"We pay salary and the earnings go to the hotel or to the immigrants, who will earn half salary for living and eating in the hotel. If we start with this system, later on we will be able to pay full salary's", says Sergio.

Meanwhile, the sustainability of the hotel is due to family donations, civil organizations from both sides of the border, thankful immigrants, and the collection of money on the border.


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