Provive : The rebirth of communities in Tijuana

A better lifestyle for society

Provive created the foundation "Tu mas yo", that would translate to you plus me. The purpose of this foundation is to return benefits to the community that has given them a chance. Two percent of the income made from the selling of houses goes to this foundation.

So who goes to Provive? The people that go are those who have the opportunity of purchasing a house with an approximate value of 300,000 pesos (25 ooo usd).

The houses that make the inventory of Provive also count with eco-technology systems. With these technologies, the proprietors spend less in Energy consumption and water consumption.

The company has three types of neighbors, the first type is the one that buys a house with benefits, with a good location, schools, hospitals, and a transportation system nearby. The houses have a more affordable price when compared to a new house.

The second group of people benefitted is the one who is helped with their mortgage, people who pay for a house that they don't want to have abandoned. These people get helped in order for them not to lose the property.

The third group, which are the sixty five to seventy percent of the population, are the people that live in the region, pay on time their dues, and recover their house because of the acts of Provive.

Those who restore the houses, just like the people living close bye are able to see how these properties increase in value.

For Jose Antonio, it is not the increase in value of these houses that makes him move on with the project, but the better quality of life for the people. Community centers are created alongside the houses, as well as certain activities where the habitants are involved, which in return makes the people living in the area want to keep it clean and good condition..

At the beginning of the project, they had a cleaning brigade with the help of forty people. Now a days, more than fifteen thousand people are cooperating. Activities like the cleaning brigade have helped serve as example of activities people can help with, and now they have health brigades, sporting events, and the residents have been able to receive resources from the authorities for road work and public lighting. They have more than fifty alliances with different organizations.

No political alliances are connected with Provive. Jose Antonio made it clear that he will not have any connections with church's or political parties. This, in order to keep this program from becoming what it is not, it is simply a better life style for society.

Being nominated for, "Entrepreneur", of the year was very joyous for all the team of workers. This was the opportunity to have the project be known by others and inspire others with this new business plan.

Mexicali, Baja California now has a Provive center in the area of Valle de Puebla. The expirience obtained in Tijuana will benefit this new center from all the experience acquired. There are plans to open Provive centers in Hermosillo, Sonora, and in Estado de Mexico. Guadalajara and Monterrey are also being analyzed for a possible centers by the end of this year. Provive will have a direct impact in more than 200 thousand residents of Tijuana.

To this day, more than 350 houses have been refurbished. In the first year of operations, only six houses were worked on, the second year fifty were the houses being refurbished, and the third year 250 houses. In the month of June, 60 houses were added to this year's count. Without the help of the team Jose Antonio has, it would be impossible to be celebrating such accomplishments.

For more info. On Provive, you can search the web via their website, and various videos on

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