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Beer of the Week: Immortal Black Rye Ipa by Silenus Brewey

As "badass" as a beer can get

Once again we put out the "beer of the week" on a Thursday, but only because tomorrow we will be attending the internationally famous Tj Beer Fest, with local breweries from both sides of the border.

Anyway, today we celebrate the National IPA day, so I think it's appropriate to recommend one of the finest IPA's on this side of the border. It's so good that it really stands out from the batch. I'm talking about the "Immortal" by Silenus Craft Brewery.

"Immortal" is a Black Rye IPA, so it has a really dark color to it. There aren't many dark IPA's on this side of the border (not many that you can find commercially anyway), so if you're able to get you're hand on this beer you're in for a treat. Very rich in malt and rye, the hops the guys from Silenus use in this beer really make every favor stand out, its really well balanced and the flavor really enfolds your mouth with every sip.

This is a really well crafted beer that IPA lovers will enjoy even before drinking it, you will love the smell.

VIDEO: Baja Beer Fest 2013

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