Red Cross Paramedics block street to stop and eat tacos in Tijuana

Hunger, an "Emergency"?

By means of a citizen filing a complaint, paramedics from the ambulance with plate number BC-196 were accused of obstruction passage in a street to stop and eat tacos. After being questioned by Alexis Enriquez, who filed the complaint against them, the paramedics mocked him and did not move the vehicle at all.

This occurred in the neighborhood Independencia on Rayón street and corner with Abasolo. Alexis shared his experience on facebook to complain about the abusive authorities.

Alexis' post reads as follows:

"According to article 59 of transit regulations and vehicle control in the city of Tijuana, double parking is prohibited, as well obstruction of public roads and obstructing sign visibility and entrance to the cross-street... Well apparently the paramedics of the Tijuana Red Cross ambulance with plate numbers BC-196 don't find it incorrect to break all these rules... just to stop and eat some tacos, seeing as today on August 14th we run into them and when we asked them "Why did you park like this?" they responded that "we have to be ready in case of an emergency" when in truth there was plenty of parking available with easy access as well easy to get out with quickly in case it was necessary, they had been casually talking with the taco shop attendant for a while now and they argued that when they arrived there was no parking available, however had there been a car in the parking space that was free, it would have made it impossible for that car to get out... I asked him if he didn't find it irresponsible and a lack of respect to the rest of the citizens to do this and if it was illegal, one of them answered with a snide comment of "I don't think so" while the rest of them laughed in a mocking manner, after this display I proceeded to telling them "good night" but not before reminding them that as public servants they should be the first to respect the rules and set an example, and we left while they continued to chatter about without so much as a sign that they would move the ambulance, I don't want to demerit the Red Cross, but regulations are for all citizens, I would understand if it was an emergency, but stopping for dinner does not merit obstructing an entire lane and just next to a cross-street."

Without dismissing the great work the Red Cross of Tijuana has done, this case joins a long list of public servants who take advantage of their position, SanDiegoRed is waiting for a response from the institution, which at the time of issuing this article, has not issued any statement whatsoever.

The comments on Alexis' post on facebook add:

Alexis: I'm sorry to drag you all into this but I'm just sick of seeing these types of situations and saying "next time I will do something about it' and even though it's not much I believe it's a start. Thank you for your attention.

Alberto: Yeah man I congratulate you for speaking out, they're all like this include police, but more than just getting angry we have to set an example, even when no one is looking.

Have you been a victim of abuse made by authorities in the city?


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