California day care center gets shut down after a girl tested positive for drugs

2 year old girl had marijuana in her system.

50 year old Roubena Hartounian is under arrest after drugs were found in a 2 year old girl's system which was under the her custody at "Bina's Family child Care" day care center in La Crescenta, California.

Everything started when Montrose's parents picked her up at the day care center and noticed that their daughter was acting strange, they took her to the hospital where doctors ran a series of tests, among them a drug test, where the girl tested positive for marijuana, it is believed that she ingested it while she was under Hartounian's care.

Roubena Hartounian
Roubena Hartounian

Due to this, the police searched the house where they found rat feces everywhere, including the kids toys, the kitchen was a mess, there were knives everywhere, the bathroom didn't work and there wasn't even electricity.Without setting aside the fact that there were marihuana pipes all around the house.

The girl was not the only one under the woman's care, there were eight other families who trusted her with their children. Bail has been set at 100,000 dollars for Hartounian and she's currently facing several charges of child neglect.

The young girl is currently under observation in the hospital and it is unknown if there are any other minors in the same state.


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