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Mandolino's Bistro: Reinventing yourself is the key to success

An excellent choice for a midday meal

I have never thought of the comfort of office delis as something that mattered much in Tijuana. With so much variety in establishments be it fast food joints or formal restaurants, Bistros have simply gone unnoticed.

My perception changed when I received an invitation from Mandolino's Bistro. Nicasio Sarzu who was one of the gastronomical representatives from Aguascalientes until a few years ago, was hired as a consultant to breathe life in the place and invited SanDiegoRed to see the improvements first hand.

The quality of the food is impeccable, right away you can tell the changes from something as essential as selecting the best ingredients. The kitchen staff that Mandolino's Bistro has hired are Culinary Art students and chefs trained in the many cooking schools in Tijuana, making Mandolino's an excellent choice be it to meet up with a friend to have some coffee or a business power lunch.

The remodeling taking place is not just in the food itself. The installations are being upgraded and improved upon to serve a greater amount of customers while retaining it's comfort.

The food is mainly Italian dishes, but with the reinvention came new items on the menu, such as breakfast with a Mexican Fusion style that will surprise your palate. Mandolino's Bistro is worth checking out, order a coffee, or try their delicious pizza and hand made calzonés, all made with the best ingredients.

Mandolino's Bistro can be found on Cuauhtemoc Sur, #9580 Col. Marron in Tijuana Baja California, and is open from 7:00 A.M to 10:00 P.M. Every day.

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