Area 51 existence confirmed

The United States government declassified documents, but they argue that it was war training

United States.- Films, books, investigations, documentaries and even science fiction have all been made about an "Area 51" that has always caught a lot of attention, everyone knew it existed, but no one dared to confirm that it was in fact in the Nevada desert or what was being done there.

Yesterday the CIA decided to declassify and publish that there is indeed and Area 51, but that it was not used to research alien aircraft or extraterrestrial analysis, but rather as war training and testing for espionage aircraft during the cold war.

Far from the deception, conspiracy theorists are still convinced that there is evidence there of the existence of alien life as well as communications given all background the area has.

The United States government declassified these documents that even included a map on how to get to the area, such as they did with "Argo", so does this mean we can expect a movie out of this?

The question still poised is "What was that object that fell in 1947 in that area?" the official record still states that it was not an alien aircraft but rather a piece of a spy balloon during the cold war.


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