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IV "Chile en Nogada" Festival, Tijuana 2013

The event will be held next Sunday

Preparations for the "Fiestas Patrias" (Mexico's national holidays) have already begun in Tijuana, and even though it's not even September yet, the Mexican spirit of patriotism is with us all year long, and as proof of it the Mexican Gourmet Restaurant "Cien años" (100 years) along with DIF of Tijuana, will be bringing you the 4th edition of the "Chile en Nogada" Festival this Sunday August 25th starting at noon, the event will be held in Avenida Revolución, between 8th and 9th street, same location where the beer fest was held a month ago, where you will be able to spend a nice day with your family, with music, art and samples of the excellent dish from Puebla, Mexico, "Chile en Nogada".

"Chile en Nogada" is a traditional Mexican dish which is a large roasted pepper stuffed with ground seasoned pork, covered with a semi-sweet sauce made with cheese, milk, walnut and cinnamon, topped off with pomegranate grains and parsley.

The history of the recipe "Chile en Nogada" mounts back to the year 1821, the year Mexico's independence was consolidated, where the military participation of Agustin de Iturbide stood out, he also promoted and signed the Plan of Iguala, as well as created the Cordoba Treaty, documents in which Mexico's Independence was finally declared.

It was on his way back to Mexico's City, coming from Veracruz, that he stopped by Puebla, and the inhabitants decided to throw a feast in his honor, to celebrate Mexico's Independence as well as his name day (August 28th, Saint Agustin's Day), and the Agustin nuns of the Santa Monica Convent where commissioned to create a dish that alluded the 3 colors of the nations flag, and making use of the seasons ingredients, and this was how the delicacy was born, a dish which highlights the green of the pepper, the white of the cream made with walnuts and the red of the tasty pomegranate.

The "Chile en Nogada" festival will have free admission, and all the money raised will be donated to DIF. It is worth mentioning that on august 24, a day prior to the event, there will be a concert held by the Youth Lyrical Ensemble at 8:00P.M. Which will have a cost of $200 pesos for admission and will be at the same location as the festival.



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