Asian Mafia reported in Baja California

Dealing with illegal merchandise and human trafficking

The organization "Southern Pulse" alerted today about the Asian Mafia operating in Baja California. These organizations focus on human trafficking and the contraband of illegal merchandise such as chemical substances used to make drugs as well as endangered animals.

Southern Pulse explains that this mafia is composed mainly by Chinese citizens but there are members from Cambodia, Laos and Thailand.

Information regarding the endangered animals indicates that the Totoaba fish and the bighorn sheep are the most requested, given that they are used as part of exotic dishes in China which are rising in popularity due to the economic boom the country is going through right now.

Tijuana, Mexicali and Rosarito are the cities in Baja California that are most affected by the Asian Mafia, and while although they may not resort to violence, they go about their business keeping a low profile, using tunnels and warehouses with undocumented Asians.

Southern Pulse assures that these organizations have connections in the United States and other Asian countries when it comes to human trafficking, focusing on women and young girls. The report also indicates that the Asian Mafia has ties to the Mexican cartels and bribes customs agents in order to smuggle undocumented Asians into the country.

A source that shall remain anonymous, revealed to SanDiegoRed that the Chinese community also deals with immigration papers, and that they charge up to $30,000 dollars per person to bring them into Mexico but giving them a legal immigration status.

Asians who are already established, request migration permits to the Mexican government arguing that they will be working for them and their company. When they arrive in Mexico, they work for the company for a while, mostly in restaurants. Later on the immigrant will be able to establish it's own business and repeat the process.


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