Mike Tyson: "I'm a alcohol addict"

Tyson admits to having lied about being cleaned and apologizes.

The former world champions Mike Tyson opened up in a press conference in New York where he attended as a boxing promoter. He confessed that after reaching rock bottom he wants to over come his addiction to alcohol, or else he could die.

"I want to live a sober life, I don't want to die. I'm about to die because I am an addict to alcohol" said Tyson to the ESPN show Friday Night Fights.

He also admitted his desire to leave drugs behind and that he has done some "bad" things which he is sorry for. He wishes to carry out a new life, he realizes that if he continues down the same path it will lead to his death.

Mike Tyson has been in rehab on three different occasions, and despite the fact that he lied in the past about his rehabilitation, he declared that this time it is for real.

"I have gone six days now with out a drink or drugs, and to me that is a miracle. I lied to everyone before about being clean, because I wasn't. But I will never consume drugs again."

In 1987 Tyson became the youngest boxer to win the WBC, WBA, and IBF heavyweight titles being only 20 years of age. His fame came due to his in ring accomplishments as well as his out of ring scandals. Five years later he was sentenced to six years in prison on a rape charge.

In 2006 Tyson returned to the ring to retire and the following year he returned to prison; this time for only a day on a drug possession and driving under the influence charges.

Recently we have been able to see Tyson in his new acting roles. He portrayed himself in the movie The Hangover as well as participating in a musical with Neil Patrick Harris at the Tony Awards this past June.



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