Syrian man finds his son after believing he was killed in the chemical attacks

Finally some good news from Syria

Last week a chemical attack that took the lives of over a thousand children in Syria, the images and videos are heartbreaking, dead or agonizing children, parents desperately searching for their children, screaming, asking for help with their young ones in arms, images that would tear anyone's heart in half.

But there is always light at the end of the tunnel, and one father was lucky enough to find it. After several days of desperation, he is finally reunited with his son, both the mans name as well as his sons are currently not disclosed, but from the looks of it, the child can't have more than 4 years of age.

The video was posted on the social networks by Syrian activists, and you can see the desperation that was gripping the man, and the joy he felt when he was reunited with his son, a joy that even affected the people around them.

This video has not been translated yet, but it's not necessary to understand the words to understand the meaning, the emotion is so powerful that you can tell what's going on just by seeing the video itself :

VIDEO: The reunion


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