Girl Swallows cellphone, Man falls flat on face trying to steal cellphone

Apparently cellphones are today's news

19 year old Andriana Andrade did something completely unexpected, she swallowed her cellphone to prevent her boyfriend from reading her text messages. Did she have anything to hide?

The doctors that are attending her, as well as everyone else who knows about this story, are anxious to find out what was on the text message that made her take such drastic measures, for now though, the world will have to wait.

On another case, Karma caught up quickly to a man in New York. 21 year old Joel Donaldson, professional thief, punched a girl in the face to steal her cellphone, and immediately after tripped due to his pants, and fell flat on his face.

You could say it was very unprofessional of him to wear those pants to work, because as he attempted to run from the police, his outfit betrayed him and he didn't get far before he fell once again face first to the ground. He was obviously arrested and faces several charges, including assault and robbery.


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