Edward Snowden: The United States was spying on Brazilian and Mexican Presidents

They call it an "unacceptable violation of their sovereignty"

Brazil.- The United States National Security Agency, (NSA) was spying directly on the President of Brazil, Dilma Rousseff, as well as the President of Mexico, Enrique Peña Nieto, according to documents Edward Snowden published through the television channel "Globo".

In the case of Peña Nieto, the electronic espionage was done during the period in which he was a presidential candidate, it continued after he had won the elections in 2012 and it allowed the NSA to know the names of some ministers before their official appointment.

The documents were delivered by the former CIA technician, Edward Snowden to the journalist Glenn Greenwald of the British newspaper "The Guardian", who resides in Rio de Janeiro and who's boyfriend, David Miranda from Brazil, was arrested in London by British Law enforcement 15 days, which has caused an international incident between Brazil and the United Kingdom.

According to the report by "Globo" the systems used by the NSA allowed the intelligence service in the United States to know information contained in telephonic conversations as well as emails exchanged between Rouseff with dozens of advisers.

However in the case of Brazil, they do not reveal the content of the information they had access to.

The president of Brazil was informed about this and held an emergency meeting with the minister of Justice, Jose Eduardo Cardoso, who informed that this Sunday, Brazil will be asking for "new explanations" from the united States and labeled it an "unacceptable violation of their sovereignty"

Besides asking for explanations, Brazil will also meet with the United States Ambassador in Brazil, Thomas Shannon, who had also been summoned earlier by the Brazilian Foreign Ministry to clear up similar reports which were made over a month ago.

After the first revelations, Brazil and the United States, agreed to start dialog regarding espionage affairs, and flew minister Cardoso to Washington to be informed about the reach the actions of the united states services have had in Brazil.

Cardoso met with the United States vice-president Joseph Biden, Counter terrorism advisor, Lisa Monaco and Attorney General, Eric Holder, but after his visit he said the explanations were "Insufficient".

The reports about global espionage made by Snowden, have caused great unease in Brazil and a very strong reaction by Rousseff's government, who alongside their partners in "Mercosur", reported the case to the UN.

These reports also focused on the visit to Brazil made by the Secretary of State, John Kerry, on August the 13th.

The united states chief diplomat received a strong complaint from Brazil regarding the "interception of electronic data" that according to Brazil's ex-chancellor Antonio Patriota, is "a practice that has to stop"

According to the Brazilian Government, this espionage "can hurt sovereignty, individual rights and even human rights".

John Kerry's response was not at all satisfactory, given that he said he "understood" the complains he assured that the activities done by the United states intelligence are all "legal" as well as "necessary" to ensure global safety.




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