United States espionage could be reported to international authorities

American Ambassadors in Mexico and Brazil are summoned

The controversy continues over the espionage that the United States had on the President of Brazil, Dilma Rousseff and the President of Mexico, Enrique Peña Nieto.

Monday afternoon, the United States Ambassador in Brazil, Thomas Shannon, was summoned by the Brazilian Government to be questioned. "It represents an unacceptable and inadmissible violation of the Brazilian Sovereignty" a statement made by chancellor Luis Alberto Figueiredo.

Thomas A. Shannon, United States Ambassador in Brazil
Thomas A. Shannon, United States Ambassador in Brazil

Brazilian legislators have also announced the creation of a special task force that will investigate the case. At the same time, Brazil's government has stated that they will take the investigation to international authorities. The decision was taken after a meeting was held in which several key members participated, Jose Eduardo Cardozo, justice ; Celso Amorim, defense and Paulo Bernardo, communications as well as chancellor Luis Alberto Figueiredo.

When it comes to Mexico, United States Ambassador, Anthony Wayne, was also summoned to appear before the Mexican Council, and they have requested a thorough investigation of the case.

Caption Anthony Wayne, the United states Ambassador in Mexico
Caption Anthony Wayne, the United states Ambassador in Mexico

"The Mexican Government has made a request to the United States government, through a diplomatic note, that they make a thorough investigation and in this case, hold those accountable. The Mexican Council has summoned the United States Ambassador as well to express their disappointment, and demand that the requested investigation actually be followed through". Mexico's Department of Foreign Relations (SRE) stated in a press release.

The problem started this weekend, when the British Newspaper "The Guardian" and the television Channel "O Globo" published documents leaked by Edward Snowden, former tech advisor for the CIA and NSA, where they disclosed acts of espionage done on Latin American Political Leaders, the title of the report is "Intelligent Data Infiltration, Case study of Brazil and Mexico"

The Mexican Foreign Relations department (SRE) manifested in it's press release that "Without judging beforehand the authenticity of the information presented by the media, the Mexican Government rejects and condemns any type of espionage done on the Mexican people as it's a violation of international laws. This type of practice goes against what is stated the United Nations Charter as well as the The International Justice Court's Laws.




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