They exhibit the supposed remains of a "chupacabras"

An Argentinian family has the exposition at their home

A few years ago, there was a rumor, belief, speculation or whatever you want to call it, that an animal with sharp fangs and claws was running rampant in the world. This beast was named "chupacabras" (Goat sucker, because it's victims were always goats, cows and other livestock) and the legend says that it only attacked animals in the rural areas in Latin America.

In Mexico this creature caused a great panic, there are even those who swear they've seen it, or have shown animals with bite marks on their neck, like vampire marks, and they assure that they were made by this beast.

A family in the City of Rosario, Argentina, have set up an exhibition of the skeleton of an animal that they say is the "Chupacabras" which has attracted the attention of curios neighbors.

Télam Stella Maris Fernandez, mentioned to the local media that "my son Ezequiel found it. It was next to a post, and when he brought it in, it really caused an impression on all of us, with it's dried up yet intact skin".

Do you believe this is the chupacabras?


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