Pablo Aguilar returns to Xolos

The medical staff in Paraguay have sent Aguilar home due to medical illness.

TIJUANA - Pablo Cesar Aguilar posted to his Twitter account the following message "One of the saddest days of my life. On my way back to Mexico, soon you'll know why." This after the Paraguayan National Team decided to send Aguilar home and not use him during their upcoming World Cup Qualification matches against Bolivia and Argentina.

Paraguay's team doctor Juan Carlos Velilla explained the problem with the Club Tijuana central defender. The following are quotes from ABC Paraguay.

"Due to a decreased ability for blood clotting. I know he played on Sunday, he had medical test done in Mexico two months ago. My only suggestion to him is to keep going to his treatments in the United States and to follow the doctor's instructions. Here we decided not to risk him" said Dr. Velilla to ABC.

Pablo Aguilar is currently going through a medical treatment in the United States where doctors argue that this is a rare case. One day he has 130 thousand platelet and the next day he only has 4 thousand.

The Tijuana Xolos player is set to return to arrive home sometime in the next 24 hours.

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