The Pope declares world fasting for peace in Syria

It will take place September the 7th

Last weekend Pope Francis once again broke with church traditions, by setting aside religious subjects during Sunday's service, and focusing on the conflict that is afflicting Syria.

"Mi heart is wounded over what is happening in Syria, and anguished for what you can see on the horizon" Pope Francis mentioned in his Sunday speech.

After condemning the use of chemical weapons and calling for a calm settlement between the worlds nations, he announced that he will lead a worldwide day of fasting and prayer for peace. This will take place September the 7th.

"Our actions will be in history's judgement and God's judgment, and then there will be no escaping them", the leader of the catholic church declared.

"The world needs to see gestures of peace, hear words of hope and peace" he added, while he invited everyone to join him in a session of prayer from 7 pm until midnight in the Saint Peter Plaza.

Pope Francis invited Catholics and people of any other religion to join, this way they could ask for peace in Syria and anywhere else in the world where there is conflict.


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