"Hispanic" population in San Diego will outnumber "White" population by 2035

For the next 40 years 60% of the demographic growth in San Diego will come from Hispanics.

The city of San Diego, when compared to the rest of California's major cities like Los Angeles or San Francisco, is considered more of a suburban city, not as multicultural and mainly revolving around one or two economic sectors. But all of this will change, as the city has been growing since the 80s and "Hispanics" are the ones leading the growth.

According to SANDAG's projections, from now to 2050, 60% of the demographic growth will come from Hispanics, and by the year 2035, there will be more Hispanics than those of white heritage.

It is projected that there will be 1,881,719 Hispanics in San Diego County by the year 2050, compared to the 1,083,165 that are living in San Diego today. However the "White" population will approximately decrease from the 1,597,000 in 2010 to 1,549,069 in 2050, even halting it's growth completely within the next 10 years.

But it's not just a growth in "Hispanic" population, but the city's population in general will have an 18% growth rate between 2010 and 2020, which represents a much faster growth rate than that observed in the past 3 decades, although still less than the 27% observed between 1980 and 1990.

Another ethnic group which will see substantial growth will be "Asians" , increasing from the estimated 350,500 in 2010 to 502,450 in 2050, an increase of almost 70%, meaning that the "Asian" ethnic group will be the one with the largest growth, followed by "Hispanics"

Generally speaking, it is important that everyone in the border region take this information into account when working on any future infrastructure project, given that we can observe that growth is not uniform throughout the various ethnic groups, nor is it uniform throughout the different jurisdictions in the county

Chula Vista has a projection of 33% from 2015 to 2050, while National City will grow by 55%, El Cajon by 43%, San Diego by 33%, but communities in the northern part of the county, like Del Mar, will only have a growth of 8%, while Carlsbad will grow by 16% and Escondido by 18%, which means that most of the growth will be observed in the southern part of the county.

VoiceofSandiego.com has some other interesting graphics regarding the subject, which you can consult here, and a hat tip for the information.

I recommend visiting the SANDAG official website so you can check out the published information as well as their projections.




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