Baja California

Baja California's Restaurants stand out among the best in Latin America.

"Laja" and "Corazon de Tierra" shine for their seasoning

Chef Diego Hernández
Chef Diego Hernández

"Corazon de Tierra" is where Chef Diego Hernandez and his team work their culinary magic . Something that is fairly peculiar is the lack of a menu, but rather than being a restriction, it is a liberating experience that feeds creativity, since most of the ingredients used by Chef Hernandez are grown right there, it brings about the possibility of creating new dishes daily. The tastes are always amazing, along with a drink and a spectacular view of the area, it becomes quite an experience to enjoy the meal while having that feeling that you're on vacation.

Last year, Anthony Bourdain visited Baja California and chose "Corazon de Tierra" as one of the best places to dine in the region. While chatting with Chef Diego Hernandez, he asked him about his reasons for staying in Baja California, having the opportunity to showcase his talent in other cities with excellent culinary choices. Hernandez responded that it was imperative that chefs in the region become aware of the wonders that Baja California has to offer and they should make it a point to create new dishes with these ingredients.

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"Restaurant" expressed that with this list the idea was to showcase the growth the culinary industry has been experiencing in Latin America. When it comes to Mexican Restaurants, "Laja" and "Corazon de Tierra" are joined by "Pujol", "Biko", "Quintonil", "Merotoro" in Distrito Federal, "Pangea" in Monterrey and "Casa Oaxaca" and "Pitona" in Oaxaca. These 10 restaurants prove that Mexican cuisine is not just tacos and burritos, the chefs have taken upon them to reinvent classic recipes and create new ones as well with the best ingredients, two of these standing out among the best in the world in the same magazine.



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