Nancy, "the Kidnapper of Drug dealers" from Tijuana

She has been sentenced to two life consecutive sentences

On June 8th 2007, Eduardo Gonzalez Tostado believed he was going to take Nancy to bed. Since he was a teenager he was used to having his way: off road racer, star Football player, son of a wealthy man who always paid for private schools and luxury cars.

By the time he was 32 years of age, he was already the owner of two car dealerships in Chula Vista, a logistics and transport company as well as a seafood restaurant in Tijuana – which he would later on admit in front of a judge – where drug dealers from the Arellano-Felix Cartel would sit down to listen to music, eat and drink to their leisure.

Nancy, someone who would be described as an attractive black haired woman with slender complexion, was introduced to Eduardo by a former gym partner at "24 hour fitness" in San Diego, David Valencia, another Mexican-American with whom he established a friendship around 2004.

However after a bar fight that was caused because David was fan of alcohol and drugs, there was a fallout which lasted 3 years; Edward says that back then he even had a Whiskey bottle broken on his head.

After 3 years David was able to contact Edward once again through one of his employees. He wanted a $40,000 dollar jaguar to "give to his wife" which is why he asked him to meet him at a popular cafe. It was there that he saw Nancy for the first time, a very beautiful 20-something year old with chocolate skin.

A few radio calls were enough to set up a date, even though Eduardo was married to a woman named Ivette, he still fell for Nancy.

This is how on the morning of June 8th 2007 a story about a kidnapping would begin. The kidnapping was planned by Nancy and a criminal group known as "Los Palillos" who had been kidnapping the offspring of mexican drug dealers that live in San Diego.

"Lets meet up at the cantina 'los remedios' in Tijuana, but first I need to go to my aunt's place to change, pick up my passport and drop off my car", Eduardo agreed without hesitation, and told her that he would be back to pick her up in a couple of hours because he needed to drop off some money for his workers so they could buy hamburgers. He also stopped by for a bottle of cognac and a pack of condoms.

A few hours later parked outside of her house on the street, Eduardo remembers seeing a van that was driving a little to slow and made him suspicious. He then called Nancy to ask her if she was waiting for someone.

The young woman put his mind at ease and invited him to come into the house, but the worse was yet to come: "As soon as she shut the door, a man that was hiding pushed me and hit me in the head. Another person grabbed my legs, then another two came running toward me, one of them was carrying a gun and they were wearing police uniforms, black caps and their face covered".

Eduardo Gonzalez was immobilized, he recalls before a state court in California "I defecated and urinated on myself". He was taped and had a towel over his head: "we got you now, not so tough now huh?"

The young man from Ensenada was kidnapped for 9 nights, in a small warehouse behind the stairs of the address marked with the number 1539 on Point Dume Street in Chula Vista. Eduardo Gonzalez was liberated and although he is currently it the witness protection program in the United States, in Baja California he is still one of the most wanted criminals due to his ties with the Arellano-Felix Cartel.

Nancy knew all this, but it wasn't the first time she had kidnapped a drug dealer. According to the evidence provided by the California District Attorney, the young woman has been involved in kidnappings since before she was 20, abducting members of criminal organizations who were hiding both legally and illegally in California. One of them was Jorge Garcia Velazquez, known in the criminal world as "Don Chuy Labra's" brother in law, who for years was the financial mastermind of the Arellano organization.

Nancy seduced the 58 year old man in a gym, and led him to her house with deception, just like she did with Eduardo Gonzalez Tostado, keeping him kidnapped for over 20 days and charging a ransom of at least 400 thousand dollars. Back then Nancy was barely 19.

For Nancy and "Los Palillos" gang there weren't any complications, given that the ransom money they received from their victims was usually obtained illegally, therefore they would not press charges or report it to the authorities.

The young woman was captured August 13th 2010 in Tijuana, in the neighborhood of Buena Vista, where Mexican authorities say she worked at a law firm during the day. Nancy "the kidnapper of Drug dealers" is one of the Mexicans who has been convicted and will be serving two consecutive life sentences, without the possibility of parole.


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