"Chepo" de la Torre fired as Mexican manager

FMF sent out a press release in the late night/early morning; Luis Fernando Tena new manager.

Through a press release sent out by the Mexican Federation of Football (FMF) around 1:00AM, the federation informed that Jose Manuel "Chepo" de la Torre was no longer the Mexican National Team manager.

The following was decided by FMF President Justino Compean after the embarrassing 2-1 loss to Honduras in the Estadio Azteca which leaves Mexico with very little possibilities of assisting next year's FIFA World Cup.

According to the press release, Luis Fernando "El Flaco" Tena will take over as the manager and counts with the support of the other assistants that have been in place through out this process. Tena was the man responsible for leading the Mexican Under-23 squad in last summer's Olympic Games where Mexico won it's first ever medal' the gold one.

Just a few hours ago de la Torre explained to the media why he was not resigning as the manger "that would be a huge failure, to just give up. I can't just turn my back on all that we have worked for and that, that I'm convinced we can still accomplish. All we can do is get back up and keep working hard, just like with anything else in life."

Luis Fernando Tena will face a huge test just days after receiving his "promotion"; he will have to face the United States Men's National Team in Columbus, Ohio with the same squad that "Chepo" choose and try and salvage some points in order to keep Mexico's World Cup hopes alive.

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