A kidnapping victim was saved by strangers in another car

Attention and visual contact was enough for them to help

19 year old Aaron Arias and 17 year old Jamal Harris were driving aimlessly through Seagoville, Texas, when they saw a woman in a car that seemed that trying to talk to them.

Arias told the NBC news network that "We were looking at the girl that was traveling in the back seat which we found attractive, then suddenly the driver turned around and stared at us."


The young men realized that the woman was mouthing "Help me!" which is why they called 911 immediately and authorities were able to rescue the woman who moments before had been kidnapped at gunpoint by Lewis, a 37 year old man.

When the woman was rescued, Arias and Harris met the person they had helped, she didn't know what to do or say, so she just gave them an emotional hug as a sign of thank you. "We would describe it as the best hug anyone has ever given us" the young men told NBC.




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