Ricky Martin invites you to compose the Brazil 2014 world cup anthem

The artist is asking for help with a contest to write the song he will sing at the event

Who doesn't remember "La Copa de la vida"(The Cup of Life)?, it was the world's Soccer anthem that Ricky Martin sang in the France 1998 world cup.

Image of the video "La Copa de la Vida/The Cup of Life"
Image of the video "La Copa de la Vida/The Cup of Life"

Well now he will be singing the world cup anthem once more. The singer confirmed the news and extended an open invitation with a video where he asks the public to participate in a global music contest called "Super Song", it is organized by Sony, with the final purpose being the composition of the song Ricky Martin will record and perform at the Brazil world cup 2014.

For this contest, the audience will have the change to write the lyrics and send them in to be selected. The main theme to follow when it comes to writing this song will be "Soccer and Music unite the world"

"It doesn't matter who you are or where you are, you will have to opportunity to become a star and write the anthem for the nest FIFA world Cup, and I will write it" Ricky Martin suggested that people go for it and participate in this interesting proposal.

There aren't any more details regarding the prize the composer will win should his song be selected, but this information will be available on the official contest website

Up until now, the last world anthem, Waka Waka (This Time for Africa) by Colombian artist Shakira, is the best world cup anthem according to Billboard Magazine, topping "La Copa de la Vida" which occupies 3rd place on the charts.





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