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CEART : Tijuana now has a new space for Culture

Have you visited their new installations?

During our tour we met Esmeralda Ceballos, Coordinator for the scenic arts, where she talked to us a bit about the space where theater lovers can practice their craft, which given the design of the areas can be very varied, it can be in the open air, in a reduced space, or a grand hall as well. It all depends on the type of play that will be performed and the publicity it gets.

Vianca Santana, Coordinator for CEART explains "This is a space for Artists and Creators" stating that it is not a cultural community center completely, despite it feeling that way, that is not their focus.

Vianca Santana
Vianca Santana

"Our mission is artistic formation" Santana mentions that the center offers classes for the different arts, for all ages, the only thing they do not currently count with is Music lessons, and this is for two very important reasons, the installations are not the proper ones to be able to offer this discipline properly, the rooms do not have the proper acoustics, also CEART is only a few steps away from the Center for Musical Arts (CAM) who fully devote themselves to providing these lessons.

CEART offers disciplines in three different levels:

Level 1: Initiation in the arts, through progressive trimestral courses, and these are for children and young teens.

Level 2: Progressive trimestral courses for Young up and coming artists and creators, offering workshops with foreign artists.

Level 3: Professionalization courses, cycles and Magisterial conferences, focused on creators with a career, promoters, hosts and teachers.

CEART is located in Via Rapida Oriente # 15320, Zona rio 3ra Etapa, Tijuana, Baja California, for more information you can contact them at 664-104-0273 and 664-625-1057.



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