Police forces evict teachers from el Zócalo in the Mexican capital; the confrontations continue

Citizens stand up for the educators

Facing the complaint that many media sources in Mexico have been "informing" on half-truths, the citizens have taken up the task of bringing you the details of the eviction that was forced upon a group of teachers that occupied El Zócalo in the capital of Mexico.

The educators had taken up residence here for the past 4 months as a protest against the education reform that they consider as slowing down the progress of education in Mexico.

The national Coordinator for Education Workers (CNTE) has realized several manifestations in the capital expressing their nonconformity with Mexican authorities and the measures they intend to enforce upon the entirety of the education system. Educators from the entire country have been joining their efforts, resulting in protests, roadblocks on national highways among other signs of solidarity with the CNTE.

Today on Friday the 14th around 2 PM central time, authorities marched on El Zócalo to evict the teachers. This happened after a few representatives of the CNTE met with the Secretary of Government in Mexico, Miguel Angel Osorio Chong, to seek a non-violent agreement, but negotiations failed.

Some teachers abandoned the area, but those who remained stood up to the police, who observed that citizens were also defending the educators.

The reports made on Social media and other sources of information have detailed how the police used measures like tear gas to face the protesters. On the other hand Authorities were affected with home made bombs and other devices that a group of Anarchists used against them, after they joined the fray.

Citizens reports have not stopped and one of the more recent and shocking reports is a video where you can clearly see police dressed as civilians, prepared to reprimand the educators.


Currently the numbers are unknown, but it is reported that may teachers, citizens and police have all been wounded, and people continue to report the facts due to a fear of a greater act of repression like those that happened on October 2nd 1968 with students, or the bloody episode of San Salvador Atenco which happened in 2006

Reports indicate the confrontations are still happening at the time of this article.




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